Sneak preview of the Bruges Triennale 2018 – Liquid City

Saturday May 5th is the official start of the contemporary art and architecture route in the historical centre of Bruges ‘Triennale Brugge 2018 – Liquid city”.

Artists and architects were asked to think about how flexible, liquid and resilient a historic city as Bruges can be in a rapidly changing world, where established lifestyles are under pressure.

Curious as I am, I love to see how art comes to life. And seeing the works as one of the first gives an extra thrill. And I love to share it with you!

Selgascano Pavillion: A sunny meeting place on the water. A place to dive in the water on a hot day!


John Powers, Lanchals: an allusion to the legend in which Maximiliaan of Austria orders the city of Bruges to have swans on its canals in remembrance of Pieter Lanchals who was tortured and executed in 1488 in Bruges.

Jaroslaw Kozakiewicz, BRUG: a still unfinished bridge over the Groenerei where two people meet. (still under construction)


Wesley Meuris, UrbanModel: a pavilion to welcome new guests. (still under construction)


Ruimteveldwerk, G.O.D.: Experience silence in one of our 46 almshouses.

Peter Van Driessche – Atelier 4, INFINITI: Urban life on the water after the floods.

Nlé – Kunlé Adeyemi, Minne Floating School: A floating classroom on the Lake of Love.

Studiokca, Skyscraper (The Bruges Whale): A gigantic whale made of waste from the plastic soup, jumps out of the canal to confront us with the threat our growing garbage pile poses to life on earth!

OBBA, the Floating Island: Make a walk on the water and lounge on this romantic island on the canal.

Renato Nicolodi, Acheron I: Experience the gate between life and death, past and future.

David Georges Emmerich:

Raumlabor, House of Time: A place of peace and creation where youngster can meet and make the site their own.

This and much more! Hope this preview makes you curious enough to visit Bruges between May 5th and September 16, 2018, and discover this great art route!




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