Picos de Europa walk PR PNPE 23: Ruta Horcados Rojos

On our last day we decided to go up with the Fuente De cable car again. One reason was that it predicted to be quite hot today, and we hoped to find some cooler weather higher up. We took our time for breakfast and so it was almost midday when we reached the cable car. The queue was not very long, and we went up into the third car. The cable car wisks you up in just 4 minutes. It was a lot busier than the week before, I think that for some areas of Spain the holiday have started already.

We set of for the walk 23, a linear walk that goes on to the balcony of the mountain range. We saw some Egyptian vutures who have their nests on the rocks you see when starting your walk. The walk first runs together with walk 24 and 22. At the first divide you have to take a left.

You pass two beautiful lakes on your left. Their colors are a wonderful blue and green. From the lakes a small waterfall comes down into the valley. We saw some chamois buck on the snow fields on the left of the road. We decided to try to get closer for some pictures. We walked down into the valley and tried to get as close to them as possible without scaring them away.

They still had their winter fur, which was coming of. The next hour we spend looking at the great animals from up close. They saw us but did not seemed easely scared by human presence, and we tried to be as unintruding as possible. After this great encounter we walked back up to the road, after a small stop at the lakes for some pictures. We continued a bit on the walk 23, but decided that it was far too hot to continue.

We turned back and had a small snack at the cafeteria next to the cable car. The food is alright. They serve sandwiches, salads and pizza’s. We took the cable car back down and were happy with this great last walk in Picos. We returned to the hotel and enjoyed some time by the swimming pool.

Walk 23 is linear, so you have to come back the same way. It is quite flat for the first part but then climbs up quite steeply. You can climb up further to the top of Horcados Rojos taking a steep rocky trail.


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