Picos De Europa walk: PR PNPE 27: Circular walk around the rocks of Brez

On our third day we needed some extra rest after two days of long walks. We decided to do the circular walk around Brez (730 m), a 2 hour track, which was said to be very nice. Many do this walk on their first day as a kind of warm up walk. But it also works on a slow day. We took a small breakfast at the hotel and packed, because the next two days we would stay at another hotel. We first made a stop at Potes to make a dinner reservation at restaurant Soldreria for that evening. We had a small snack and a drink for lunch.

The drive up Brez is already beautiful. Brez itself is a sleepy little village with nice traditional houses. You can park your car at the side of the road just before entering the village where you also find a panel with some information about the route.

For the start of the walk you climb up to the centre of the village where you find a sign pointing to the right. The first half of the walk is mostly going up, but not too steep, and with many flat pieces in between.

The rock formations are spectacular and there are great views after every bend. you first walk through meadows and farmland, later you penetrate a wooded area of oak and cork trees.

Halfway you reach the highest point of the walk and stand at the foot of the Picos mountains exposing the Arredondas Gorge, that used to be mined for zinc ore. You can see the glacier up high. You pass lush forest all along the way.

The flatter road in the second half of the road is surrounded by stone blocks falen from the uppercut slopes. Here you get a good view of Brez. The second half of the walk is mostly going downhill. And the last part is quite steep going down. It is an easygoing walk going through the middle of the Picos de Europe. 

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