Picos de Europa walk – Bajo los Picos in Mogrovejo

After a really good experience in 2018, we decided to return to Picos de Europa in 2019. We booked the same hotel: Hotel del Oso. We only came a bit earlier in the season, the last week of May instead of the third week of June in 2018. We feared the weather might be bad, but we eventually had a great week, no rain, except on the second day, but then it rained only on the higher altitudes. Even the outdoor swimming pool of the hotel was already open and heated. Great for a refreshing dip after a long walk.

We wanted to start of with an easier walk on our first day and drove up to the town of Mogrovejo, a rural town with a lot of charm, which has become famous for being the site where Heidi’s film was shot (directed by Alain Gsponer, year 2015). Mogrovejo is recognised as one of Spain’s most beautiful villages. There is a parking at the end of the town, close to the start of the walk, Bajo los Picos or ‘Under the Picos’, a 9 km circular walk. Best do the walk anti-clockwise.

In 1985 the urban area of the village was declared site of cultural interest. If you have time, don’t forget to visit the Medieval tower of Pedro Ruiz of Mogrovejo. Built in the XIII century, it is the oldest preserved building in the village. It is next to this point where the path starts. The walk starts with a good climb after which you are rewarded with beautiful views of the Picos. The first half of the route runs along an agricultural road, wide and fairly flat. You cross the Belondio river and later you cross the charming village of Tanarrio. The route is well indicated. It is a prefect introduction the the magnificent mountain range of Picos de Europa.

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